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I hope you’ve all had wonderful holidays. School starts next week and I assume you must be fairly busy getting your school supplies ready for D day, am I wrong?

I am almost there too. My lessons are all neatly planned but this website is still under way. I intend to make it grow up with the help of its visitors.

For the time being, it will mostly be a platform for you to start self-studying; you will find the documents we’ve studied in class in the “Students” section together with some more general stuff to help you through the school year.

The “News” section  is the place to learn loads of interesting facts about the world and the way it goes. It’s also the place where your class work will shine out to the world !

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The “Resources” section is more intended for teachers. I will get the page up and running as soon as possible.
I wish to use this website with my students as a flipped classroom platform but I also intend to share the learning and teaching resources I’ve gathered from across the web for years. I also have favorites which I find useful for lesson planning. I’ll give them some special space for you to browse.

All of your contributions will be highly welcome.

Don’t forget to share these pages with your community.


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