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I have made updates to your class pages and added some interesting links for online learning. The British Council provides you with free, fun things to learn to improve your English. Try this resource some time, it really is worth it !

British Council teen website

dangerPlease note that our lessons will take place in classroom B05 from Monday, 18 September onwards. Update your schedules !!

To my 1ère STMG students:

I have scanned the pages of the first folder of our text book (Full Impact) but I haven’t had the time to copy it for you. You can download the .pdf file from here: pdf icon

Could you please print at least pages 18 and 19 for Tuesday, 19th September?

Don’t bother printing a colour copy, a black and white one will be perfect !

Cheerio, see you some time next week !

America’s great surge of hatred after President Trump’s election

America is once again divided over the question of race and rightful citizenship.

After President Trump’s election and the terrible events in Charlottesville, Virginia, neo-nazi alt-right organizations such as the Proud Boys or the Ku Klux Klan have been locally very active, organizing meetings in a great many states to spread their poisonous ideology.

They identify themselves as white nationalists, who want to preserve the white majority in the U.S., claiming that whites losing their majority status is equivalent to “white genocide.”

Watch this video on CNN to learn more about the white supremacists and their ideology
and read this article about the rise of hate crimes perpetrated by youngsters sweeping through the country. Alarming, isn’t it?

Also check press cartoons for a more lighter side of the story !

many-sidesWell, see you next week !!


Arctic fauna and flora threatened by climate change


If you’ve been watching the news lately, you can’t have missed the terrible succession of devastating hurricanes that have hit the American continent with such an unexpected violence.

These phenomena are very common  under tropical climate, but their intensity and their potential power of destruction have increased over the past century and specialists world-wide agree that they are just another consequence of global warming.

The Arctic Circle is in danger too. The ice is melting fast and wildlife is slowly disappearing.

Click on the photos to discover more about the Arctic fauna and flora:



WWF logo Visit the WWF website here for Fast Facts about the size, population, geography and temperatures of the Arctic Circle, a full documentation about Arctic wildlife and how to protect this very fragile area of our planet.

And even worse ! Watch the video and read the articles below !

As you can see,  permafrost is slowly thawing in some countries such as the USA, Canada, Scotland or even Russia.
Scientists are seriously worried about it because they think thawing could contribute as much as 1.7 degrees Fahrenheit to the planet’s temperature ! Read more here !

Or get some more information on permafrost thaw here !:The researchers estimated that about four million square kilometres of land – an area larger than India – will melt for every degree of global warming.The Independent

Chilling, isn’t it?

Fancy a laugh?


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